Are There Different Levels Of Heaven?

Perfection.  That’s the standard for getting into heaven.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we know that as good as we might think we are, we don’t meet a perfect standard.  This is a problem.  It’s bad news.  How could God do this?  Why did God create a system He knew we couldn’t keep?

Why A Standard Of Perfection?

God’s standard is rooted in His nature. God is perfectly moral.  His standard therefore is not an arbitrary choice but stems from His nature. We have often said here that there are things that God cannot do, and this is one of them.  God cannot accept a lower standard than perfection, as it would go against His nature.  

So knowing that perfection was the standard, why did God create human beings He knew wouldn’t be able to keep this standard?  For one thing, it’s for our own good.  

Does Everyone Keep Laws?

We have many laws in our country, states and cities. These laws are not perfect.  And yet, even as we create them, we know they will not be kept. Does it follow that because some will break the laws that we should therefore not have or enforce laws?  No. That would make for a very dangerous world.  We make laws in spite of the fact that we know they will be broken.  

In the same way, God has moral laws that protect His people.  If some choose to ignore the laws, then they face consequences.  And just as our legal system puts in place deterrents for breaking the law, so does God.  But God goes one step further.  He offers us a pardon for our crimes.  

Is The System Fair?

This pardon is accessible to anyone.  You don’t have to be rich.  You don’t have to be powerful.  As a member of the human race, you have access to the pardon.  You simply need to recognize that you have committed moral crimes and ask for forgiveness from the one who paid the price for our sins.  

Many on line atheist decry this pardon as unfair.  They say it is exclusive, oppressive and unbelievable.  Christians are charged with being intolerant of other religions as ways of entering heaven. Several popular books have been written exposing universalism (the idea that everyone goes to heaven).  So why is Jesus the standard, and the only way to access heaven?

Because Jesus is the only one who solved the problem.  Gandhi, Confucius, Martin Luther King Jr. and the Dali Lama all have great things to say. They are wise in their teaching. But none of them have conquered death.  This is what makes Jesus different.  If Jesus truly was raised from the dead, then His message should be taken seriously.  And His message is one of pardon for sins, and access to heaven and eternal life.  

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