What Happens To Those Who Never Hear About Jesus?

So, What Happens To Those Who Have Never Heard Of Jesus? This is a common question raised against Christians and Christianity. It seems so unfair that God would send someone to hell simply for being in the wrong geographic location, doesn’t it? 

 I think this objection exists due to a misunderstanding of why people are sent to hell.  People do not go to hell for simply not hearing about Jesus.  People are sinful and are sent to hell as a punishment for committing sins.  In the same way, people go to jail because they committed a crime.  They don’t go to jail because they failed to accept a plea deal from the judge.  They might avoid jail because they accepted the deal.  But the fact that they went to jail is ultimately linked to the crime they committed.

If simply not hearing about Jesus could save people from hell, then the best evangelism would simply be to never mention Jesus at all.  We should hide any mention of Him, destroy all the references in the Bible and in history, and then everyone would be safe.   I think you can see how foolish this is.

There is enough natural revelation around us to tell us there is a God.  We all can recognize design from the natural world.  We have a sense of morality that we think should be obeyed.  And deep down, we all know we have broken moral rules.  Compound this evidence with the fact that God is loving and merciful, and I see no reason to think that those that are truly seeking forgiveness from God can recognize Him without a direct reference to Jesus. 

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