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Quick Challenge Answer: There Is No Evidence For God.

If someone makes this claim, the first thing you need to do is establish some ground rules for your reply. What does the other person consider “evidence”?  What are they willing to accept as “evidence”?  Get clarification on this point prior to giving your argument for God.  Without this safeguard in place, you run the risk of having all of your arguments dismissed out of hand as not being evidence.

A second trap not to fall into is the “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” ploy. This is used in much the same way as the original objection.  The claim allows the objector to simply dismiss any evidence for God as “not extraordinary”, and therefore, not valid.  All claims require ADEQUATE evidence.  

Both theists and naturalists are looking for the answers to the same questions about life.  The evidence we have is the natural world we live in, and our common experience as humans.  Questions about where we come from, what is wrong with the world we live in, and how do we fix it need an appropriate answer.  These are the “evidences” that we are all looking at.  Evidence requires an explanation, and the explanation that best fits the world we see involves a Creator. 

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  1. Nice to see comments on for at least this post!

    You’re correct that all claims require “adequate evidence”, but the “extraordinary evidence” quote is also correct and not just a ploy to “dismiss any evidence”. It refers to a basic tenet of probability that, for claims with low prior probability, one must produce more evidence to believe it than you would for a claim with high prior probability. I don’t need to show you much to convince you that I own a dog – a picture on my phone would suffice. My say-so would probably also suffice. But you’d be totally rational to demand more if I said that I owned a cruise missile, even though you know that cruise missiles exist. You’d demand even more if I said that I owned an alien spacecraft.

    Coming back to God, what sort of claim is it and what kind of evidence is provided? Even if you take something like the resurrection, ask yourself what it would take for you to believe it if someone today claimed it happened to them? Would statements by a few of her friends do it? Would a text written by those friends decades later do it? In the scale of dog-cruise missile – alien spacecraft I’d wager that a resurrection would at least be in the missile-spacecraft range and possibly higher, because we have no evidence that resurrections can occur even in principle.

    So, in answer to your original question, “is there no evidence for God?”, of course not – there is evidence, but there is also evidence for alien spacecraft. Is there adequate evidence for God? Not even close as far as I can see.

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