Written by biased Christians

This week’s quick challenge question was: “You Can’t Trust The Bible Because It Was Written By Biased Christians”.  

All authors have a bias. The reason they are writing in the first place is to convince you of something.  The question isn’t whether or not bias is present, it’s whether the information presented is accurate or not.

If we can only know history from unbiased authors, we would have to discard practically everything we know about antiquity.  We would have to discount the atrocities that were committed in the Nazi death camps, because the reports came from Jews that survived.  The survivors would obviously have a bias against the Nazis.  This would be a ridiculous stance to take however. While bias may exist, we can still trust the accounts of the survivors of these horrors.

The writers of the New Testament did not start out as Christians.  They all converted based on their encounter with the risen Christ.  They were previously unbelievers that came to trust in the message of Jesus.  The question that should be asked is, “What caused this radical change?” That’s the message that the authors are communicating.

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