Understanding Critical Theory Part 1: Worldview and Identity

People discussed Critical Theory everywhere, from the pastor’s pulpit to the presidential debates. Depending on who you listened to, you probably heard it described as either an essential and valuable way to view racial injustice or false teaching that threatens to tear us apart.

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Questioning Christian Doctrines in “Doom Eternal”

I never thought I would say this, but “Doom” gave me a lot to think about. It definitely does not present a very Christian perspective, but it gives us some interesting questions to consider about God and the church.

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Is “Doom” a Christian Video Game?

What makes a piece of media Christian or Satanic? Most conversations end with either “It’s of the devil and should be avoided and burned,” or “It’s just a fun video game that nobody needs to worry about.” Is “Doom” a Christian video game, and what would make it one?

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Want to Join Me on the Fence?

Lessons from “Onward:” Living Life Without a Father

One consequence of the Coronavirus quarantine is the delay in movie premieres. There’s not much point in releasing a movie to theaters if all the theaters are closed. Disney decided to get around that by releasing the new Pixar movie “Onward” straight to streaming on Disney+. Since we’ve got the time, let’s talk about the […]

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“Lord, to Whom Shall We Go?” Peter’s Message on Doubt

what do we do when something hits us that we don’t know how to answer? Where do we go when we find ourselves questioning the entire faith? I find myself remembering the words of the apostle Peter. “Lord, to whom shall we go?”

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Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Be Vegetarians?

Lessons from Joker Part 2: We Get What We Deserve.

While Joker presents a world with no heroes, it did get one thing right. Everyone is broken in this world, and has the guilt of their own sin. Maybe we don’t snap and murder people who have wronged us, but that’s not the standard of good that Jesus gave us.

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Lessons from Joker Part 1: “Everybody is Awful.”

Lessons from Bojack Horseman: Looking for Happiness in All the Wrong Places

This particular horse is a washed-up actor living in LA, whose story is used as an outlet for comedy, drama, and social commentary. The show does not present a Christian worldview, but there are a number of things that Christians should take note of. What are the lessons from Bojack Horseman?

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