Understanding Critical Theory Part 2: Truth and Postmodernism

“Why Are You a Christian” How Will You answer?

This question does not get asked every day, especially by non-Christians. Don’t waste it. This question is essentially an invitation to share the gospel, handed to us on a silver platter. What gospel will you share?

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Why Do Christians Debate?

The 3-Word Question At the Heart of the Youth Exodus

Quick Challenge Answer: Is it Wrong to Evangelize?

The Cultural Myth Called Moral Relativism

In my last post I wrote about what’s known as a “Cultural Myth”.  These are ideas that cultures hold without really thinking about them. The myth I’m going to discuss in this post is called moral relativism.  This is the prevailing world view in America today.  Almost everyone holds this view.  Moral Relativism states that all morals are products of one’s environment, upbringing, culture or […]

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What Would it Take to Convince You Christianity Is Not True?

Is Christianity a House of Cards?