Quick Challenge Answer: What is Omnism?

Omnism is the belief that there is no one true religion but that every religion holds part of the truth, so all beliefs should be respected. I see the appeal. The truth often lies somewhere between two extreme positions, so why would religion be different?

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CCM Artists Respond to Deconstruction

However, not everyone is leaving traditional Christianity. In a recent conversation hosted by Alisa Childers, a handful of contemporary Christian music, or CCM, artists respond to deconstruction and discuss why they still believe.

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3 Signs You Are Treating the Bible like a Horoscope

The Tent Making Christianity Podcast #366: Should We Still Look For Objective Truth?

In this episode of The Tent Making Christianity Podcast, the team discusses whether we should still look for objective truth. Listen to our Weekly Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music or Stitcher.  Look for new episodes every Tuesday. Don’t see your podcast listening platform?  Email us and we will add them to our distribution list.  You can also listen directly from […]

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Is Objective Truth Still Worth Fighting For?

Are objectivity and neutrality the goal to strive for or an impossible and problematic pipe dream? After taking several journalism classes for my minor, I saw a lot of debate on the issue and think it is a topic that Christians should be ready to discuss.

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Understanding Critical Theory Part 2: Truth and Postmodernism

“Why Are You a Christian” How Will You answer?

This question does not get asked every day, especially by non-Christians. Don’t waste it. This question is essentially an invitation to share the gospel, handed to us on a silver platter. What gospel will you share?

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Why Do Christians Debate?

The 3-Word Question At the Heart of the Youth Exodus

Quick Challenge Answer: Is it Wrong to Evangelize?