Being Inhumane Is More Human Than We Think

Being Inhumane Is More Human Than We Think. I’ve been reading Clay Jones‘ new book on the problem of evil.  It’s been a good read so far.  But I have to say, it’s not been the most comfortable book to read. This really shouldn’t surprise me considering the nature of the topic.   I’ve read more than my Continue Reading

What Will The Church Look Like After COVID-19?

What will the Church look like after COVID-19?  There is so much uncertainty about every aspect of life right now.  I don’t think anyone could have predicted the world would look like it does a few weeks ago.   We’ve seen disasters in the recent past.  Y2K, 911, the Swine flu and the economic crash of the late 2000’s Continue Reading

The Top 5 Posts From 2018

This article was originally posted in December of 2018. We recently posted our Top 5 Posts From 2019. Our website was still fairly new when this list dropped last year. As our readership had increased greatly since then, I thought I would repost these articles. Enjoy the top 5 posts from 2018! TMC’s Top 5 Continue Reading

The Logical And Probability Problems Of Evil

The Logical and probability problems of evil. In earlier posts I described the problem of evil and also explained what evil is.  Evil isn’t a thing per say, it’s the absence of good. There can be no evil without an ultimate source of good that sets the standard. In this post we will discuss what is known Continue Reading

What Is Evil?

In my last blog post, I began to discuss the problem of evil.  Evil has affected everyone to varying degrees in their lives. But as we get started on this series, we need to first clarify exactly what it is we are talking about. What exactly is evil? When someone offers me the objection that God Continue Reading

Is the Problem of Evil a Good Argument?

Does it make sense from a logical perspective, regardless of our own feelings and history? This is not necessarily how I would suggest talking about the subject in a regular conversation. Instead, my goal here is to help you to better understand this common objection and be able to dissect it a little bit deeper.

Quick Challenge Answer: Where Is God During School Shootings?

This week’s quick challenge answer is to the question: Where is God in school shootings?  We have addressed different forms of the problem of evil in previous blog posts and podcasts.  This particular form of evil seems to hit us on a more personal level however. We’d all like to think that if one of us were Continue Reading

The Tent Making Christianity QCQ Podcast: Do Natural Disasters Prove That God Doesn’t Exist?

In this episode of the Tent Making Christianity QCQ Podcast, Drew and David answer the challenge that natural disasters prove that God doesn’t exist. Listen to our Weekly Quick Challenge Question Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Musicor Stitcher.  New Episodes are released every Thursday. Don’t see your podcast listening platform?  Email us and we will add them to our Continue Reading

Three Reasons God Might Allow Evil

We’ve been exploring the Problem of Evil over the last few posts. We’ve examined the problem of evil itself and described what evil actually is (a lack of good).  We have seen that there is no logical problem with both God and evil existing together. As much as these arguments might make sense, they probably Continue Reading

TMC Podcast #106: Drew Is Interviewed By Greg West From The Poached Egg

In this episode, Drew is interviewed by Greg West and Matt Schmidt from The Poached Egg and Engage 360. As I have said, I earn no income from this site or the podcast.  If you appreciate what we do here, please consider donating to The Poached Egg at the link below to support their ministry. Thank Continue Reading