Lessons from the Big Screen: What We Can Learn from Media and Story

Quick Challenge Answer: Why Does God Allow Natural Disasters?

Why would God let this happen? Doesn’t God want to avoid needless pain and death? f God truly is an eternal being who sees the full picture, we have no reason to assume that anything he does or permits is needless.

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What Does the Age of the Earth Impact?

How Should Christians View the Age of the Earth?

My intent here is not to pick a side, but to bring some clarity to the conversation. I see a lot of misunderstanding and misrepresentation on this issue. The Bible tells us that the entire universe began with God speaking it into existence.

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Quick Challenge Answer: You Can’t Argue Someone into Heaven

Unlike most of the challenges we discuss, this one almost exclusively comes from other Christians. Comments like this often come up when we promote a more evidential approach in the study and practice of apologetics.

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Is Every Human Being a Person?

3 Reflections On the Abortion Debate

Given that I spent much of my high school years in competitive debate, and have already written a lot on the topic of abortion, I thought I would go through the debate and give a few of the takeaways I had from it.

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Quick Challenge Answer: All Religions are the Same

How Should Christians Respond to Thanos?

Part of both evangelism and apologetics is engaging people and the culture. Let’s be honest, we spend a lot of time on movies, TV, video games, music, etc. The ideas in them will have an impact on our society with or without us, so we may as well use them to our advantage.

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Why Do Christians Care About Abortion?