Truth or Consequences

Some of you may remember the game show, “Truth or Consequences”.  The program began on radio in 1940.  In 1957, the show made the jump to television where it was hosted by, among others, Bob Barker.  On the program, contestants were given roughly two seconds to answer a trivia question correctly (usually an off-the-wall question Continue Reading

Living Life Without Hurting Anyone

I love being busy.  It’s just in my makeup.  I tend to overextend myself, and my days fill up pretty quickly.  As a result, I don’t have much time to follow what is happening in the news, or much time to follow current T.V. programs.  I am always busy on the nights that any particular Continue Reading

Three Reasons God Might Allow Evil

We’ve been exploring the Problem of Evil over the last few posts. We’ve examined the problem of evil itself and described what evil actually is (a lack of good).  We have seen that there is no logical problem with both God and evil existing together. As much as these arguments might make sense, they probably Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: How Can We Trust the Bible If It Was Written By Men?

Put aside Devine inspiration for a moment.  All books are written by humans. Does this mean they are untrustworthy?  No, it doesn’t.  Science books are also written by men.  And while a science book may have an error in it that the original author did not intend, we do not consider the book unreliable because we find a spelling Continue Reading

Subtle Attacks From Nice Professors

We’d like to welcome a new contributor to the Tent Making Christianity team today.  David Johansen is joining us as a regular member of the team.  Sit back and enjoy his first article with us! What Do The Numbers Say? If you have been following Tent Making Christianity, you’re probably aware of why young people Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Question: You Should Doubt Everything!

  You should doubt everything! How would you respond to this statement?  Post your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Facebook page under this post.  Don’t forget to listen to our podcast on Tuesday to hear my response or look for my written response next Thursday.

Quick Challenge Answer: Who Made God

Quick Challenge Answer: Who Made God? Who Made God is the challenge often offered to theists when they assert that that the universe must have a cause because it came into being.  This is standard Big Bang cosmology.  If, the claim goes, everything must have a cause, then what caused God? Understand that science and Continue Reading

TMC Podcast #106: Drew Is Interviewed By Greg West From The Poached Egg

In this episode, Drew is interviewed by Greg West and Matt Schmidt from The Poached Egg and Engage 360. As I have said, I earn no income from this site or the podcast.  If you appreciate what we do here, please consider donating to The Poached Egg at the link below to support their ministry. Thank Continue Reading

Should We Celebrate Jesus’ Birth On December 25th?

Should we celebrate Jesus’ birth on December 25th? In my last post, we looked at the evidence for the census described in Luke 2:1.  As we continue looking at the birth narrative in Luke this Christmas season, the next section deals directly with Jesus’ birth: 6 While they were there, the time came for her to deliver Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Question: Who Created God?

This week’s Quick Challenge is: “If everything that comes into being needs a creator, then who created God?” How would you respond?  Post your thoughts in the comments below, or on our Facebook page under this post.  Don’t forget to listen to our podcast on Tuesday to hear my response, or look for my written Continue Reading