Quick Challenge Answer: What is Omnism?

Omnism is the belief that there is no one true religion but that every religion holds part of the truth, so all beliefs should be respected. I see the appeal. The truth often lies somewhere between two extreme positions, so why would religion be different?

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What Best Explains Morality?

To call something bad implies there is a good, or a way things are supposed to be. Not just a way we want it to be, but a way it objectively ought to be. If God does not exist, what is the standard for that? What best explains morality? Is it possible without God?

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Understanding Critical Theory Part 2: Truth and Postmodernism

Quick Challenge Answer: Can Morality be Explained by Human Wellness?

Quick Challenge Answer: Is it Wrong to Evangelize?

Quick Challenge Answer: Can Other Religions Change Lives?

Christians are not the only ones claiming miraculous transformations. There are countless testimonials about changed lives from Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, and many more. How are Christians supposed to make sense of those?

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Lessons from Joker Part 1: “Everybody is Awful.”