The Tent Making Christianity QCQ Podcast #353: Why Did God Create People He Knew Would Go To Hell?

In this episode of The Tent Making Christianity QCQ Podcast, the team answers the question “Why would God create people He knew would go to hell?”. Listen to our Weekly Quick Challenge Question Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music or Stitcher.  New episodes are released every Thursday. Don’t see your podcast listening platform?  Email us and we will add them to […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: What is Molinism?

Quick Challenge Answer: Is it Narcissistic to Believe in Predestination?

I ran across this issue in a conversation recently and wanted to explore and address it. Predestination is a view many Christians hold to in varying degrees. On the one end you have groups like Calvinists who would say that God is solely responsible for who is called and receives salvation. On the other end […]

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