Quick Answers: How Can You Believe in Something You Can’t See?

It’s an age-old challenge to Christianity. We’re all just irrational people who believe in imaginary beings we can’t see, touch, hear, or scientifically test. Where is the evidence? It’s an oldie, but how can you believe in something you can’t see?

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Quick Challenge Answer: Does God Still Give Spiritual Gifts

Should We be Skeptical of Paul’s Conversion Story?

Quick Challenge Answer: Can Other Religions Change Lives?

Christians are not the only ones claiming miraculous transformations. There are countless testimonials about changed lives from Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, and many more. How are Christians supposed to make sense of those?

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Quick Challenge Answer: What About the Miracles in Other Religions?

Quick Challenge Answer: You Can’t Prove Miracles from History

Not only will skeptics claim the miracles to be legends added much later to the text, but they have begun to shift the view of miracles entirely. Men like Bart Ehrman will say things like, “A miracle is by definition the least likely event.

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The Tent Making Christianity QCQ Podcast #219: You Can’t Prove Miracles From History

In this episode of The Tent Making Christianity QCQ Podcast, Drew and David discuss the challenge “You Can’t Prove Miracles From History” Listen to our Weekly Quick Challenge Question Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Musicor Stitcher.  New Episodes are released every Thursday. Don’t see your podcast listening platform?  Email us and we will add them to our distribution list. […]

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The Bible and the Book of Mormon: Is the Difference Simply a Matter of Time?

Their argument was that yes the Book of Mormon’s story is ridiculous, but it’s no better than the Bible. The only reason, he claimed, that we’re able to debunk the Book of Mormon and not the Bible is that one is 2000 years old, the other is only 200.

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Quick Challenge Answer: Why Doesn’t God Heal Amputees?

This week’s quick challenge answer is to the question “Why Doesn’t God Heal Amputees”? The first question I would pose to someone that raises this objection is “How do you know God doesn’t heal amputees?” It’s not at all clear to me that this is the case. Think about it for just a minute.  To make […]

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