What Christians Should Know About Shincheonji Part 2: Cult Practices

Last week I outlined some of the key teachings and history of the South Korean cult, Shincheonji. You probably heard of them earlier this year due to their involvement with the spreading of COVID-19 in South Korea. It turns out they are a steadily growing cult of Christianity that is sending out evangelists worldwide. It […]

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What do Christians Need to Know About Shincheonji? Part 1: Teaching and History.

When the Coronavirus was first spreading in South Korea in February of 2020, you may have heard the name Shincheonji. Headlines were running all over about this strange South Korean cult spreading the virus to thousands of people.

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What Does the “God the Mother” Cult Actually Teach?

Is “God the Mother” in the Bible?

The Voice of God or a False Teacher?

For thousands of years there have been people claiming to hear the voice of God, but are abusing that idea in the pursuit of wealth, fame, or power. We as Christians need to be very careful, and always be checking whether we are hearing the voice of God or a false teacher.

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