Is Christianity Anti-Science? These 5 Scientists Didn’t Think So.

How Sure Are You Christianity Is True?

How sure are you Christianity is true?  We’ve done articles previously on Peter Boghossian and his “Manual for creating atheists”.  One of the standard moves of these Street Epistemologists is to ask you a question.  And that question is often “How sure are you Christianity is true”? They will even go so far as to ask you to […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: If the Evidence is So Good, Why Don’t More People Believe?

I find it a little bit ironic when I hear skeptics ask this question. Given how often they complain about religious people only listening dogma, you would think they would understand that evidence is not the only thing that persuades people.

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Is Christianity a House of Cards?

Tent Making Christianity Podcast #113: Resources For Parents

In this episode, Drew and David discuss resources for parents of students that might be considering walking away from their beliefs. Links Mentioned in the show: The Bible Answer Book Vol 1 & 2 One Minute Answers To Skeptics Christian Mom Thoughts Blog I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist On Guard What […]

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