Recognizing Design Entering Disneyland

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas!  My family and I had the good fortune to celebrate Christmas day at Disneyland this year.  As always when we go to the park, we had a great time.  I cherish these moments with my family.    Walking through the front gates into Disneyland is magical. Everyone enjoys getting that […]

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Only the Appearance of Design?

The Tent Making Christianity QCQ Podcast #267: Does Flawed Design Disprove The Designer?

In this episode of The Tent Making Christianity QCQ Podcast, Drew and David answer the question “Does Flawed Design Disprove The Designer?”. Listen to our Weekly Quick Challenge Question Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music or Stitcher.  New Episodes are released every Thursday. Don’t see your podcast listening platform?  Email us and we will add them to our distribution list. […]

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