The Tent Making Christianity Podcast: Who Are You Thankful To?

In this episode, Drew asks the question “Who are you thankful to?” this Thanksgiving. He also answers this weeks Quick Challenge Question “We can only know things by science”. Link Mentioned in the Show: William Lane Craig vs. Peter Atkins-  Do you deny that science can explain everything? Listen to our Weekly Podcast on iTunes, Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Question: We Can Only Know Things Through Science

This week’s quick challenge question is: You can only know things by science.  How can you believe in something that can’t be proved scientifically?  Post your answers in the comment section, and I will give my response to the question on the podcast next Tuesday, and will publish my written response on Thursday of next Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: You Are Only A Christian Because You Were Born In America

Last week’s quick challenge question was: “You were born in America, so of course you are a Christian. If you had been born in India, you would have been a Hindu or Muslim. You’re only a Christian because of where you were born”. This question commits what is known as a genetic fallacy.  It attempts Continue Reading