The Cultural Myth Called Moral Relativism

In my last post I wrote about what’s known as a “Cultural Myth”.  These are ideas that cultures hold without really thinking about them. The myth I’m going to discuss in this post is called moral relativism.  This is the prevailing world view in America today.  Almost everyone holds this view.  Moral Relativism states that all morals are products of one’s environment, upbringing, culture or […]

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Challenges Facing Young Christians

The Solution: Questions and Answers Last time I went over one of the major problems facing Christian students heading for college.  If you’re now thinking, “College can change my views, practically brainwashing me out of Christianity, and I won’t even know it? What am I supposed to do, just never go to college?” Thankfully, it’s […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: You Shouldn’t Push Your Views On Me

This week’s Quick Challenge Answers the challenge “You shouldn’t push your views on me”. This is one of those statements that are meant to shut the Christian down.  You’re not really supposed to continue on with the conversation after someone utters this phrase.  But does the statement “You shouldn’t push your views on me” actually […]

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Living Life Without Hurting Anyone

I love being busy.  It’s just in my makeup.  I tend to overextend myself, and my days fill up pretty quickly.  As a result, I don’t have much time to follow what is happening in the news, or much time to follow current T.V. programs.  I am always busy on the nights that any particular […]

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Quick Challenge Question Podcast: Aren’t All Religions Basically The Same?

In this episode of the Quick Challenge Question podcast, Drew and David answer the challenge “Aren’t All Religions Basically The Same?”. Listen to our Weekly Quick Challenge Question Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Musicor Stitcher.  New Episodes are released every Thursday. Don’t see your podcast listening platform?  Email us and we will add them to our distribution list.  You […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: Jesus was a Good Man and a Good Teacher, but Not the Son of God

Quick Challenge Answer: Atheists Can Be Just As Moral Without God

This week’s quick challenge question was, “Atheists don’t need God to be moral. Any moral action you can do as a Christian, the atheist can do as well.” Handling this objection is a little bit different than most because it’s usually based on a misconception. One of the common arguments used by Christians for the […]

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Quick Challenge Question: Atheists Can Be Just As Moral Without God

Quick Challenge Question: You Can’t Trust the Bible Because It Was Written By Biased Christians?

Quick Challenge Answer: I Just Believe In One Less God Than You.

This week’s quick challenge question was: You are an atheist when it comes to all other gods.  We simply go one god further, and don’t believe in your God either.” This is another question that has great rhetorical flourish but is lacking in substance.  Yes, we do not believe in other gods.  But are all gods equal? This […]

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