Quick Challenge Answer: How Can We Trust the Bible If It Was Written By Men?

Put aside Devine inspiration for a moment.  All books are written by humans. Does this mean they are untrustworthy?  No, it doesn’t.  Science books are also written by men.  And while a science book may have an error in it that the original author did not intend, we do not consider the book unreliable because we find a spelling […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: We Should Doubt Everything.

I’ve heard many people including pastors use this argument in the past to dismiss ideas that they don’t agree with.  Being skeptical is good, therefore we should always doubt everything we believe. This statement is self-defeating, however.  Should I doubt that I should doubt everything?  Because if I doubt everything, then I should doubt my […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: Are Ghosts Biblical

“Why Isn’t That in the Bible?”

Quick Challenge Answer: Should Women Cover Their Heads in Church?

1 Corinthians 11 is a difficult passage to read with a 21st century lens. Paul issues a strong statement about the necessity of women covering their heads in church. Some have called this passage sexist, patriarchal, etc. Does this issue apply today?

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5 Reasons Protestants Don’t Include the Apocrypha

Any one of these points on their own may not be enough to fully discredit and understand why protestants don’t include the Apocrypha. When the arguments are all laid out together, the books simply do not stand up. The Apocrypha is not scripture.

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Quick Challenge Answer: Should the Apocrypha be in the Bible?

Is the Bible a Product of Its Culture?

Are we being truly objective in our thinking? Why is the Bible merely a product of its culture, while we are simply right? We read these texts with our skewed 21st century lens and assume that we know what is right.

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Quick Challenge Answer: What Are the Types of Bible Translations

Greg Koukl’s “Tactics” Is an Unreliable Document!