Each Thursday I will be offering up a quick challenge to Christianity.  If you’d like to take a swing at answering the challenge, comment below.  I will give my answer on the following Thursday and in that weeks podcast.  Here is this weeks Quick challenge:

“You were born in America, so of course you are a Christian. If you had been born in India, you would have been a Hindu or Muslim. You’re only a Christian because of where you were born”.

3 thoughts on “Quick Challenge: You’re Only A Christian Because You Were Born In America”

  1. That’s easy logic known as logical fallacy. But the Holy Spirit knows no confines of mankinds logics or illogics. I am a free, living, unbrutalized Christian because I was born and live in America. Christians in many countries are not so lucky.

  2. There are roughly 2.4 billion people worldwide that identify as Christian, numbers from organisations like Open Doors would suggest that the majority are not from the West. In spite of persecution Christianity has hung on throughout the middle east and beyond. And while there is a decline in western nations, figures suggest that it is growing in countries with the harshest treatment of Christians. China alone is said to have over 60 million, South Korea has one of the fastest growing churches in the world.
    Counter point the recent discoveries of islams holy book in the sewers of the Saudi capitol, with the growing demand for Bibles there. Or the Iranian example where the growing number of Christians has seen the creation of a special police force to track them down.
    Special interest anti Christian groups make semi regular claims like this, and while easily challenged for the lies they are, sadly comfortable or Sunday Christians don’t have the apologetic training to challenge them.

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