For hundreds, if not thousands, of years, there has been this notion that people who commit suicide cannot go to Heaven. The rationale is usually something like, “when you kill yourself, that’s the last thing you do, so you never get to repent of your sin, meaning you are not redeemed.” Is that true? Is suicide an unpardonable sin?

That’s Not How Redemption Works

This challenge stems from a very old misconception. Our salvation is not dependent on us confessing every individual sin that we commit. How do I know this? Because if that was how it worked no one could ever be saved. Every day of my life I make mistakes without even realizing it. If I die not having confessed those mistakes, does that disqualify me from Heaven? Sin is all around us, beyond even our own comprehension. If a single unrepentant act is enough to condemn even those in Christ, we have a problem.

What Do You Believe About God?

This is one of those issues where we need to go back to the basics of who God is. Is he a God who is so legalistic that even after we have accepted his gift of grace and been born again through the spirit, would throw us out for messing up at the wrong time? Not even blasphemy does that. This is the kind of mistaken view of God that has often led to fear mongering and twisted cults.

Nothing Will Be Able to Separate Us

Scripture is quite clear on the issue. If this is ever something you are concerned about for yourself or a loved one, give Romans 8 a read. We have an entire chapter making it clear on who we are in Christ and the hope that comes with that. Is suicide an unpardonable sin? Jesus already covered our sin. If we remain in him, even if our last act is sinful, God is big enough to save us from that too.

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