I See Dead People

I see dead people. This was of course the famous line spoken by Haley Joel Osment in the movie “The Sixth Sense”.  The 1999 movie tells the story of a young boy that can see and communicate with dead people.   The Sixth Sense was nominated for 6 Academy awards and was the second highest grossing movie of 1999.  

Seeing The Dead In Evangelism

A few years after the movie came out, I took an evangelism class at my local church.  The pastor teaching the class had picked up this line from the movie and used it as the theme for his training.  “I See Dead People”.  By this, he meant that all the unsaved people walking around were in fact, dead.  

One of the most chilling things about the movie to me was the fact that the people walking didn’t KNOW they were dead.  And this young boy was put in the awkward position of telling people that they were no longer alive. This was both scary and uncomfortable for the boy.  How would the ghosts react to discovering they were dead? 

Telling People They Are Dead

We as Christians are in the same boat as the child in the movie.  We have to tell people that they are dead.  And just as in the movie, this can be both awkward and frightening.  You never know how people are going to react to the news.  In fact, it’s becoming less and less popular to state this out loud to people.  

But that is exactly what we must tell people.  To borrow from another popular reference, they are “The Walking Dead”.  While it’s considered taboo to say so, we can’t back down from the truth.  We can’t lie to people to spare their feelings or make them more comfortable.  This would not only be lying, but the upmost form of cruelty.

Is It Loving To Lie?

Telling people what they want to hear is now considered loving.  Telling someone they are wrong or doing something harmful is seen as rude, or downright hateful in most circles.  But this isn’t the traditional view of love and hatred.  Sometimes love requires us to tell the truth, even if it’s not what someone wants to hear.   

In a previous post, I talked about atheist Penn Jillette of Penn and Teller fame.  He recounted a story in which someone gave him a Bible. Jillette then went on to say that he didn’t respect people that didn’t proselytize.  He felt that if you believe that there is a hell and people are going there, you would have to hate them not to tell them about it.  

This is how I see our mission as Christians.  We are called to tell people, the walking dead, the truth about Jesus and His forgiveness.  Not to do so would be cruel and the ultimate form of hate.  We need to have the urgency of saving someone from death when we evangelize.  Because that is exactly what is on the line. 

I see dead people all around me.  Do you? 

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