Are There Modern-Day Prophets?

Do Christians have a persecution complex?  If you follow certain Christians on social media, you might have experienced this phenomena.  Every time prayer gets banned at a high school football game or a city council meeting doesn’t open in prayer, certain Christians will predict that the end times are upon us.  But is this really the case? 

Everyone? Really?

Of course, this isn’t every Christian.  Most of us see the situation here in the United States as getting worse for Christians.  But this is a long way from persecution.  And I think we need to be careful about when we use that word.

Is The Charge Of Persecution Valid?

Christians have experienced persecution from the earliest days of the movement.  And the anger directed at those early Christians was often manifested in violent and deadly actions towards them.  Looking back on these events, modern Christians have a hard time coming to grips with the reality of holding to beliefs under such circumstances. 

In many parts of the world today, Christians face the same challenges as those early followers.  Preaching the Gospel in these areas can get you the death penalty.  You are taking your life in your hands as a Christ follower.  So I don’t think we can say persecution does not exist in modern times.

True Cases Of Persecution

What we should avoid is labeling anything negative or challenging to Christianity as “Persecution”.  I’m going to make a statement that may be somewhat controversial.  I don’t believe it is the government’s job to do evangelism for us.  Christians are called to evangelize and spread the Gospel, not the government.  So even if Christianity is purged from the government, that in and of itself would not qualify as persecution.

But we do need to be on guard to ensure our government is not becoming openly hostile towards religion in general, and Christianity in particular.  I know we are all familiar with cases where the government have gone after Christians for exercising their religious practices.  In the long history of the world, Christians have not fared well under atheistic regimes.     

So, in short, yes, there are certain Christians that have a persecution complex.  But the same can be said for people in almost every demographic.  We need to make sure we are not over exaggerating minor points of inconvenience or discomfort. Then we should expect to be taken seriously when we rightly protest our liberties being infringed upon.   

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