Can Morality Be Judged Across Time?

Can morality be judged across time?  I used to listen to a radio call in show when I lived in Denver. The host of this show used to always say “We live in interesting times”.  Looking back on the past few months, we are indeed living in interesting times.  On top of a worldwide pandemic, we are Continue Reading

Why Do We Reject God’s Punishment Of Evil?

Why do we reject God’s punishment of evil?  We have discussed the problem of evil at length in previous posts.  The question is still often asked, “Why doesn’t God just do something about all the evil in the world if he truly exists?”  And yet, I sense that people really aren’t interested in God actually stopping evil.  Or at Continue Reading

Is It Child Abuse To Teach Children About Hell?

Is it child abuse to teach children about hell?  Richard Dawkins has often repeated this claim about Christianity.  How can parents subject their children to the horror stories about hell?  Isn’t this just psychological manipulation to get them to behave?  Here is one quote from Dawkins on the subject: “”It was a very unpleasant and embarrassing experience, but the Continue Reading

Being Inhumane Is More Human Than We Think

Being Inhumane Is More Human Than We Think. I’ve been reading Clay Jones‘ new book on the problem of evil.  It’s been a good read so far.  But I have to say, it’s not been the most comfortable book to read. This really shouldn’t surprise me considering the nature of the topic.   I’ve read more than my Continue Reading

An Introduction To The Problem Of Evil

An Introduction To The Problem Of Evil. In an earlier post, I referenced a recent Barna study that found that the number of professing atheists among Gen Zer’s was almost double that of previous generations.  The study also found that the number one reason that this age group was turning away from God was because Continue Reading

Do The Moral Failings Of Christians Prove Christianity Is False?

Do the moral failings of Christians prove that Christianity is false?  As I write this, another Christian celebrity is being accused of sexual impropriety.  To their credit, they have acknowledged wrong doing and have accepted responsibility.  This doesn’t excuse the behaviors by any means.  But at least the victims do not have to live through the anguish of having Continue Reading

What Can Halloween Teach Us?

What can Halloween teach us?  If you ask people “What’s your favorite Halloween Memory?”, you’re going to get a varity of answers.  Some will reflect on their favorite costume they wore as a child.  Others will remember time with their famlies or parties with friends.  I share in all of these types of Halloween memories.  But none of them are Continue Reading

The Logical And Probability Problems Of Evil

The Logical and probability problems of evil. In earlier posts I described the problem of evil and also explained what evil is.  Evil isn’t a thing per say, it’s the absence of good. There can be no evil without an ultimate source of good that sets the standard. In this post we will discuss what is known Continue Reading

What Is Evil?

In my last blog post, I began to discuss the problem of evil.  Evil has affected everyone to varying degrees in their lives. But as we get started on this series, we need to first clarify exactly what it is we are talking about. What exactly is evil? When someone offers me the objection that God Continue Reading

Is the Problem of Evil a Good Argument?

Does it make sense from a logical perspective, regardless of our own feelings and history? This is not necessarily how I would suggest talking about the subject in a regular conversation. Instead, my goal here is to help you to better understand this common objection and be able to dissect it a little bit deeper.