Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Tithe?

Quick Challenge Answer: Was the Flood Justified?

One of the most popular objections to God and the Bible is the violence in the Old Testament. However, usually, people focus on the destruction of the Canaanites. Frankly, those stories are tame compared to the Flood. You want to talk about God destroying a civilization? Let’s talk about the time he flooded the world […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: Should the Apocrypha be in the Bible?

The Archeological Evidence For King David

The archeological evidence for Kind David.  I once had a Facebook exchange with another Christian that claimed the Bible was just a book of faith.  His claims were similar to the ones I often hear from Christians and non-Christians alike: “History relies on certain proofs like artifacts and written documents from the time. The Bible has very […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Should Christians celebrate Christmas?  This seems rather obvious doesn’t it?  Of course, Christians should celebrate Christmas! It’s the celebration of the birth of Christ.  What could be more Christian than that?  If you’re like me however, each year at this time you start seeing meme’s popping up in your social media feeds.  Meme’s about how Christmas is actually a […]

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Is Polygamy Condoned In The Old Testament?

Is Polygamy condoned in the Old Testament?  Critics of the Old and New Testaments often point to certain behaviors described in the Bible as evidence that God is not good.  In fact, some of the greatest heroes of the Old Testament are also the most morally flawed. Doesn’t this show that God rewards immoral behavior?  The Example […]

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Did God Require A Women To Marry Her Rapist?

Did God require a woman to marry her rapist?  The Old Testament can be challenging reading.  Many of the passages seem odd and outdated to modern sensibilities. The moral code given to the nation of Israel in the Mosaic covenant can seem particularly cruel and harsh at first glance.  It’s only by looking at their historical and cultural context […]

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Is Christianity A White Man’s Religion?

Is Christianity a white man’s religion? I recently read an article that a Facebook friend posted on line. The article was about a growing number of African Americans that are returning to native African religions in rejection of Christianity. This caught my attention. I wanted to see what the arguments were for this shift away from classical […]

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