Did The Disciples Hallucinate The Risen Jesus?

In this series we’ve been looking at alternate explanations for the Resurrection of Jesus.  We started the series by looking at the 12 minimal facts of the resurrection.  These are facts that are agreed upon by the majority of new testament scholars.  These same scholars may not necessarily believe the resurrection actually occurred.  They do however concede that our Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Can We Know The Dates Of Jesus’ Crucifixion And Resurrection?

Can we know the dates of Jesus’ Crucifixion and Resurrection?  Nowhere in the Gospels is the date given for either Jesus’ crucifixion or resurrection.  This shouldn’t surprise us.  The Gospel writers were not writing news stories.  They were trying to convey a theological message to certain groups of people.  So many of the details we are naturally curious about are Continue Reading

Was Pontus Pilate Scared Of The Jews?

Was Pontus Pilate scared of the Jews?  This question is one that has taken on new life in recent years.  The common assumption is that a Roman Prefect would not bend to the whims of local leadership of a province they governed. Roman authority was absolute.  And Roman leaders surely would not have gotten involved in a theological squabble Continue Reading

What Christians Need To Know About The Nazareth Inscription.

What Christians Need To Know About The Nazareth Inscription.  Many of you may not have heard about the Nazareth Inscription.  Or you may have heard about it, but not known precisely what it is.  The tablet with the Nazareth inscription has been in the news lately. So I thought I would put together this post to help everyone Continue Reading

Was Jesus A Legend?

We’ve been looking at the resurrection of Jesus in our last few posts.  We introduced the minimal facts approach to Jesus’ resurrection.  I then explained the minimal facts we would be using as we looked at alternate explanations for the resurrection.  We explained why facts 1-4, 5-8 and 9-12 are accepted by nearly all scholars in the field Continue Reading

Just The Facts On Jesus’ Resurrection

It seems like Christmas has just passed, and already we are just weeks away from celebrating Easter. I always marvel at the quick turnaround from celebrating Jesus’ birth to the somber remembrance of his death on the cross. The days from Advent to Christmas, and Lent to Easter fly by rapidly.   Is the Resurrection Important? Continue Reading

The 5 myths of Christmas Day 5

The 5 myths of Christmas Day 5.  In this series we’ve been looking at the 5 common myths about Christmas that pop up every year.   The First Four Myths On day one we saw how early Christians calculated the date of Jesus’ birth.  They believed that Jesus conceived, born and died on the 25th of different months.  And they Continue Reading

Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Christians?

“Oh, we’re Christians too!”. This is the phrase I often here from Jehovah’s Witnesses when I engage them in conversation.  “We believe in Jesus too!” is another claim that is often made.  This makes it sound as if Jehovah’s Witnesses are just another denomination of Christianity. But are Jehovah’s Witnesses Christians?  I’ve had many missionaries come to my Continue Reading

Can The Swoon Theory Explain The Resurrection?

In my previous post, I explained why the challenge that “Jesus was just a legend” does not fit the facts surrounding the event.  We looked at our list of 12 minimal facts surrounding the resurrection and determined that the legend theory explains none of the agreed upon facts.  Let’s now look and see if the Swoon Theory Continue Reading

The Tent Making Christianity Podcast; The Minimal Facts Approach To The Resurrection Of Jesus Part 2

In this episode of the Tent Making Christianity Podcast, Drew and David discuss the minimal facts approach to the resurrection of Jesus Part 2. Links Mentioned in the show: The Case for the Resurrection of Jesus– By Mike Licona and Gary Habermas Crushed; A Physician Analyzes The Agony of Jesus– By J. Shan Young Listen Continue Reading