Quick Challenge Answer: Is it Wrong to Evangelize?

Quick Challenge Answer: Should Missionaries Be a Thing of the Past?

Quick Challenge Answer: Can Other Religions Change Lives?

Christians are not the only ones claiming miraculous transformations. There are countless testimonials about changed lives from Muslims, Buddhists, Mormons, and many more. How are Christians supposed to make sense of those?

Quick Challenge Answer: Did Jesus Exist?

Did Jesus Exist?  Oddly enough, the idea that Jesus actually existed in history is one of the things that moved me forward in my journey towards Christianity.  I had always assumed that Jesus was like Zeus, Apollo, Osiris and other legendary gods.  The idea that there was an actual, historical person that walked the earth named Jesus of Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?  It seems every year Christians ask this question.  Doesn’t the holiday have pagan roots?  Are we promoting witchcraft and devil worship if we allow our kids to go trick-or-treating?  Navigating this holiday can be tricky.  We want to remain God honoring in our celebrations.  But where is that line exactly? Where Did Halloween Come Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: What About the Miracles in Other Religions?

Quick Challenge Answer: Was Jesus Married?

Quick Challenge Answer: Was Jesus Married?  I know, this seems like a silly question!  David and I recorded a podcast earlier this week on the subject. We both expressed some doubt as to how serious of a challenge this actually was.  But as we’ll see below, this objection actually goes way back in Christian history. Are There Any Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Are Christians Anti-Science?

Are Christians anti-science?  This is a common objection to Christianity.  The perception is that Christians will hide behind the Bible and refuse to acknowledge that science has proved that belief in God is unwarranted.   As we say so often here at TMC, this attitude can be true of certain Christians.  It would be foolish to argue the point.  Rather Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Is God a Narcissist?

I recently had this question posed to me in a conversation. Christians believe in a God who wants to be worshiped. To most modern ears, that sounds arrogant, narcissistic, and even a little scary. What could be more self-absorbed than demanding worship? How are we supposed to think about and answer this? Is God a Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Was Hitler a Christian?