Should Christians Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?

Should Christians celebrate St. Patrick’s Day?  I think we’ve put out a response to just about every major holiday now.  They may seem a bit redundant at times, but many people still have questions about certain holidays.  And as our culture gets more secular in nature, devout Christians are rightly concerned that they not partake in celebrations that Continue Reading

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Quick Challenge Answer: Are There Modern-Day Prophets?

Are there modern-day prophets?  I know many of us see wild predictions being made by other Christians.  Most of the time, these predictions are about the end of the world or the return of Jesus.  And while heavily popularized such as those made by the late Harold Camping always seem to fail, there are other less publicized accounts that Continue Reading

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Quick Challenge Answer: What Does It Mean To Blaspheme Against The Holy Spirit?

What Does it mean to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit?  I’ve encountered many worried Christians that believe they might have committed this sin.  Jesus said that blaspheming against the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin, so you can understand their concern.  So, what exactly does it mean to sin against the Holy Spirit?  Jesus makes reference to this Continue Reading

QCQ Answer: Was Jesus An Illegal Immigrant?

Was Jesus an illegal immigrant?  Our current immigration situation has led to fierce debate on the subject.  Even Jesus and the Holy family have been thrust into the debate.  In one case, a church in Southern California placed the Holy Family in cages in their manger scene to draw attention to the plight of immigrants. Immigration is at the Continue Reading

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Quick Challenge Answer: Is it Narcissistic to Believe in Predestination?

I ran across this issue in a conversation recently and wanted to explore and address it. Predestination is a view many Christians hold to in varying degrees. On the one end you have groups like Calvinists who would say that God is solely responsible for who is called and receives salvation. On the other end Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Can Women Be Saved Through Childbirth?

Can women be saved through childbirth?  As we mentioned in our response to James chapter 2, sometimes the Bible throws us a curve.  Salvation by faith alone is seen throughout the New Testament.  But there are a few verses we see that seem to offer a different road to salvation.  What should we make of these verses? Last week Continue Reading