Quick Challenge Answer: What Does It Mean To Blaspheme Against The Holy Spirit?

What Does it mean to blaspheme against the Holy Spirit?  I’ve encountered many worried Christians that believe they might have committed this sin.  Jesus said that blaspheming against the Holy Spirit is an unforgivable sin, so you can understand their concern.  So, what exactly does it mean to sin against the Holy Spirit?  Jesus makes reference to this Continue Reading

QCQ Answer: Was Jesus An Illegal Immigrant?

Was Jesus an illegal immigrant?  Our current immigration situation has led to fierce debate on the subject.  Even Jesus and the Holy family have been thrust into the debate.  In one case, a church in Southern California placed the Holy Family in cages in their manger scene to draw attention to the plight of immigrants. Immigration is at the Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: What Does It mean to Take the Lord’s Name in Vain?

Quick Challenge Answer: Is it Narcissistic to Believe in Predestination?

I ran across this issue in a conversation recently and wanted to explore and address it. Predestination is a view many Christians hold to in varying degrees. On the one end you have groups like Calvinists who would say that God is solely responsible for who is called and receives salvation. On the other end Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Can Women Be Saved Through Childbirth?

Can women be saved through childbirth?  As we mentioned in our response to James chapter 2, sometimes the Bible throws us a curve.  Salvation by faith alone is seen throughout the New Testament.  But there are a few verses we see that seem to offer a different road to salvation.  What should we make of these verses? Last week Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Does James Chapter 2 Teach Salvation By Works?

Does James Chapter 2 teach salvation by works?  Reading the Bible can be challenging.  Sometimes we find verses that seem to contradict what we see in other spots in the Bible.  James chapter 2 seems to be one of these verses.  The message contained in it seems to argue that one can be saved by doing good works.  Several Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Be Vegetarians?

Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Say “Happy Holidays?”

The Top 5 Blog Posts Of 2019

The Top 5 Blog Posts Of 2019. It’s been a great year here at Tent Making Christianity! This is our first full calendar year of producing content. And while we’ve put out a lot of content, there are a few that have been the most popular. So here is a look at our most popular Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Celebrate Christmas?

Should Christians celebrate Christmas?  This seems rather obvious doesn’t it?  Of course, Christians should celebrate Christmas! It’s the celebration of the birth of Christ.  What could be more Christian than that?  If you’re like me however, each year at this time you start seeing meme’s popping up in your social media feeds.  Meme’s about how Christmas is actually a Continue Reading