Quick Challenge Answer: Was Jesus Wrong In Matthew 24:34?

Was Jesus wrong in Matthew 24:34?  One of the many pieces of evidence that shows Jesus is divine is He correctly predicting future events, such as the fall of the Temple in Jerusalem.  If Jesus was in fact God, then he would naturally share the attributes of God.  One of the key attributes of God is His […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: Why Didn’t God Create A World Without Suffering?

Why didn’t God create a world without suffering?  Perhaps one of the greatest challenges to God and Christianity is the problem of evil.  While we touched on this subject in other articles and podcasts, some people still find this argument against God powerful.   We tend to look at problems through human eyes.  And in doing so, we miss […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: Does God Change His Mind?

Does God change his mind?  There are several passages, especially in the Old Testament, in which God appears to change his mind.  God says He’s going to destroy Nineveh and then does not.  God regrets creating humanity and wipes out everyone except for one family.  And finally, God relents from His anger at the Israelites and does not destroy […]

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Quick Answers: How Can You Believe in Something You Can’t See?

It’s an age-old challenge to Christianity. We’re all just irrational people who believe in imaginary beings we can’t see, touch, hear, or scientifically test. Where is the evidence? It’s an oldie, but how can you believe in something you can’t see?

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Quick Challenge Answer: Does God Still Give Spiritual Gifts

Quick Challenge Answer: Does God Have A Plan For My Life?

Does God have a plan for my life?  We know that God is Sovereign and has a plan for His creation.  There is an end game that God is working towards.  And we are all part of that plan.  So, doesn’t it stand to reason that God has a plan for my life as well? The answer is yes, […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: Was Jesus an Angel?

Quick Challenge Anser: Are Christians Too Focused On The End Times?

Are Christians too focused on the end times?  One of the most popular and common Bible studies you will find in any Church will most likely have to do with the end times.  Studying Revelation and Christ’s return is valuable, as is any study of scripture. But can Christians be too focused on the end times? People […]

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Should Christians Have Non-Christian Friends?

Quick Challenge Answer: Do Christians Pick and Choose Which Old Testament Laws to Follow?

The Old Testament law often sounds a bit strange to us today. Commands like not mixing fabrics, numerous dietary restrictions, ceremonial cleansings, and many more are often ignored. It can often seem like Christians pick and choose which Old Testament laws to follow, based on whatever is convenient.

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