Quick Challenge Answer: Does God Still Give Spiritual Gifts

Should We be Skeptical of Paul’s Conversion Story?

Disabilities And The Church

Disabilities and the Church.  Happy New Year!  I hope you all had a great time with your family and friends over the Holidays.  It was a special Christmas for me this year, as my mom paid a visit to help me celebrate my 50th birthday.  It was most definitely the highlight of our Holiday, and a visit we will always […]

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The Thanksgiving Miracle Of Tisquantum

The Thanksgiving Miracle Of Tisquantum. I rarely go to movies anymore.  Cost is the main reason I stay away.  If I do go, it’s usually to see one in either the action/adventure or sci-fi/fantasy genera’s.  I like movies as an escape from reality.  The enjoyment for me is to simply turn off my brain for a few hours and just […]

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