Quick Answers: How Can You Believe in Something You Can’t See?

It’s an age-old challenge to Christianity. We’re all just irrational people who believe in imaginary beings we can’t see, touch, hear, or scientifically test. Where is the evidence? It’s an oldie, but how can you believe in something you can’t see?

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What Best Explains Morality?

To call something bad implies there is a good, or a way things are supposed to be. Not just a way we want it to be, but a way it objectively ought to be. If God does not exist, what is the standard for that? What best explains morality? Is it possible without God?

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Does Infant Baptism Conflict with the Age of Accountability?

Quick Challenge Answer: Is God the Greatest Abortionist?

In America alone, there are almost 3,000 abortions every single day. The numbers are hard to comprehend. However, those numbers are dwarfed by the number of unborn babies that die through natural causes. Is God responsible for those deaths since he could have prevented them?

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God: The Artist or the Engineer?

We tend to think of God as one of two things. Either God is the wise engineer who perfectly designs everything to be the most optimal and efficient they can be, or, God is the creative artist, less concerned about efficiency than beauty. What I observe though is that God is both, and we need to read both into all of creation to truly understand it.

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Quick Challenge Answer: What is Molinism?

Three More Problems With The Enneagram

Three more problems with the Enneagram.  I’ve written several articles lately on the Enneagram.  What many believe to be a simple personality test is actually something much more serious.  It has its roots in New Age teaching, and was arrived at by some pretty bizarre methods.   As I said previously, the Enneagram is new to me.  I had never […]

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Did Bart Ehrman Change His Mind About God?

Did Bart Ehrman change his mind about God?  A recent blog post by Dr. Ehrman had many Christians excited that he had changed his tune on belief in God. Or at least moved the needle in that direction.  So what did he say that got people so worked up? Who Is Bart Ehrman? If you’re not familiar with Dr. […]

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The Top 5 Blog Posts Of 2019

The Top 5 Blog Posts Of 2019. It’s been a great year here at Tent Making Christianity! This is our first full calendar year of producing content. And while we’ve put out a lot of content, there are a few that have been the most popular. So here is a look at our most popular […]

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Dads are No Joke: The Importance of Fatherhood