Quick Challenge Answer: What is Omnism?

Omnism is the belief that there is no one true religion but that every religion holds part of the truth, so all beliefs should be respected. I see the appeal. The truth often lies somewhere between two extreme positions, so why would religion be different?

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Did the Romans Create Christianity to Justify Slavery?

When Did Worship Become Christian Entertainment?

Taking on the mantle of leading worship raises the bar and adds extra responsibility than entertaining the audience. My problem with this story had far more to do with the increasingly blurry line between worship and entertainment.

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Quick Challenge Answer: Should Churches be Tax Exempt?

In the United States, churches are considered non-profit organizations and thus do not have to pay taxes to the IRS. Some people take great issue with that and believe many churches abuse their tax-exempt status for self-gain or political influence.

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Quick Challenge Answer: Do Christians Get to be Jerks?

The Solas Part 3: Defending Sola Scriptura

Why take such a firm stance as scripture alone? First, if the Bible truly is God’s inspired word, nothing can reasonably take priority over that. What could a man say that would be a higher authority than God? Second, having an authority set in stone can be a great source of peace and stability.

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Quick Challenge Answer: Are Christians Anti-Education?

Ignatius, a student of the apostle John, instructed parents to “bring up your children in the nurture and admonition of the Lord; and teach them the holy scriptures, and also trades that they may not indulge in idleness.” Yes, teach the Bible, but teach everything else too.

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Gamaliel’s Test for Christianity

This test sets the tone for the rest of the book’s narrative. By all accounts, Christianity should not still be here. This religion should have died out numerous times, and I shouldn’t still be here writing about it 2,000 years later.

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Quick Challenge Answer: Can Christians Receive the Mark of the Beast?

Quick Challenge Answer: Why Should I Go to Church?

“I can worship just fine at home or even better out in nature. All I get from going to church is judgmental hypocrites who care more about offering plates and internal church politics than living like Jesus.”
Have you ever had that conversation? Is gathering as a church essential to being a Christian?

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