Should Christians Have Non-Christian Friends?

3 Signs You Are Treating the Bible like a Horoscope

Quick Challenge Answer: Do Christians Pick and Choose Which Old Testament Laws to Follow?

The Old Testament law often sounds a bit strange to us today. Commands like not mixing fabrics, numerous dietary restrictions, ceremonial cleansings, and many more are often ignored. It can often seem like Christians pick and choose which Old Testament laws to follow, based on whatever is convenient.

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William Wilberforce Gave Us a Challenge

William Wilberforce lived an incredible and inspiring life. His lifelong fight to end the slave trade in England can teach us all a great deal about perseverance and living out our faith. Wilberforce understood what he had to do and worked himself to death for it.

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Should We be Skeptical of Paul’s Conversion Story?

Is Objective Truth Still Worth Fighting For?

Are objectivity and neutrality the goal to strive for or an impossible and problematic pipe dream? After taking several journalism classes for my minor, I saw a lot of debate on the issue and think it is a topic that Christians should be ready to discuss.

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DeConstruction Talk: What’s Happening with Kevin Max?

I was born in the 90s and grew up listening to mostly contemporary Christian music. To say DC Talk was a big deal is an understatement. They set a bar for Christian music that I’m not convinced anyone has reached since. The trio of Jesus Freaks, TobyMac, Michael Tait, and Kevin Max, went their separate […]

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Quick Challenge Answer: Why did God Create Satan?

Assumptions about Gen Z the Church Needs to Stop Making

Is Christianity Anti-Science? These 5 Scientists Didn’t Think So.