Understanding Critical Theory Part 2: Truth and Postmodernism

How To Engage Your Professor

Understanding Critical Theory Part 1: Worldview and Identity

People discussed Critical Theory everywhere, from the pastor’s pulpit to the presidential debates. Depending on who you listened to, you probably heard it described as either an essential and valuable way to view racial injustice or false teaching that threatens to tear us apart.

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Quick Challenge Answer: Religion is the Cause of All Wars

It’s not hard to look back in history and find a violent war caused by religion. Skeptics like to bring these up to show that Christianity and all religions are dangerous. From the crusades to 9/11, how many countless people have died? Some will go as far as saying that religion is the cause of […]

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An Apologist’s Adventures in Critical Theory Class

5 Views of the Origins of Life

For a good chunk of time, I saw this debate as completely binary. You were either a Darwinian evolutionist or a young-earth creationist who believes God created the world some 6,000-10,000 years ago. Anything in between was just due to confusion or misinformation.

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Quick Challenge Answer: You’re Only a Christian Because You Were Born in America

3 Reflections on Ravi’s Fall

One of the most dangerous pitfalls for any Christian apologist is getting caught up in pride. We need to keep that in mind as we observe this situation. There’s been no shortage of Christian leaders caught in sexual sin. It always stings, but this one more than most.

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Does Infant Baptism Conflict with the Age of Accountability?

Quick Challenge Answer: Can Morality be Explained by Human Wellness?