Quick Challenge Answer: What Happens To Those Who Have Never Heard Of Jesus?

So, What Happens To Those Who Have Never Heard Of Jesus? This is a common question raised against Christians and Christianity. It seems so unfair that God would send someone to hell simply for being in the wrong geographic location, doesn’t it?   I think this objection exists due to a misunderstanding of why people are Continue Reading

The Quick Challenge Question Podcast: What Happens To Those Who Have Never Heard About Jesus?

Welcome to our first Quick Challenge Question Podcast! New episodes will drop every Thursday. In this episode, Drew and David answer the question “What happens to those who have never heard about Jesus?”. Listen to our Weekly Quick Challenge Question Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Musicor Stitcher.  New Episodes are released every Thursday. Don’t see your podcast listening Continue Reading

Minimal Facts 5-8 Explained

In this series, we have been discussing the minimal facts argument for the resurrection of Jesus.  In my first post in the series, I laid out the 12 minimal facts we will using in our argument.  Minimal facts are those facts about the resurrection account that the majority of scholars, even skeptical ones, believe to be true.  While Continue Reading

Tent Making Christianity Podcast #114: Bad Christian Movies Part 1

In this episode, Drew and David Discuss bad and good Christian movies. Listen to our Weekly Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Musicor Stitcher.  Look for new Episodes every Tuesday. Don’t see your podcast listening platform?  Email us and we will add them to our distribution list.  You can also listen directly from the side bar on our home page. Or listen Continue Reading

Minimal Facts 1-4 Explained

In my previous post, I explained what the “Minimal Facts” of the resurrection of Jesus were.  In that post, I listed 12 facts that are widely accepted by even skeptical New Testament Scholars.  Before we look at alternate theories that try and explain the resurrection, lets first examine the facts themselves.  Here are Minimal Facts 1-4 Explained. Fact Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: The Trinity Is Never Mentioned In the Bible

This objection is popular with missionaries of certain cults and off shoots of Christianity.  The notion that the Bible does not mention the Trinity is one that can easily trip up a unprepared Christian.  So does the Bible ever mention the Trinity? The answer is yes, and no. God never explicitly states in the Bible “I, the Lord Continue Reading

Why Do Christians Care About Abortion?

Tent Making Christianity Podcast #113: Resources For Parents

In this episode, Drew and David discuss resources for parents of students that might be considering walking away from their beliefs. Links Mentioned in the show: The Bible Answer Book Vol 1 & 2 One Minute Answers To Skeptics Christian Mom Thoughts Blog I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist On Guard What Continue Reading

7 Reasons You Don’t Believe In Evolution Part 2

I my previous post, I began critiquing an article by Chris Mooney titled 7 reasons you don’t believe in evolution. Mr. Mooney claims that there are 7 scientific reasons why 4 in 10 Americans still do not believe in Darwin’s theory. You can find my response to his first 4 points here. Now, lets take Continue Reading

7 Reasons You Don’t Believe In Evolution Part 1

In a 2013 article in Mother Jones magazine by scientific journalist Chris Mooney, the author gives 7 reasons you don’t believe in evolution.  Mooney claims that there are several scientific reasons why 150 years after Darwin first introduced his theory of neo-Darwinian evolution; only 4 in 10 Americans believe it to be true.  What’s going on here?  Evolution Continue Reading