10 Gift Suggestions for Tent Making Christians

Need a gift for the Tent Making Christian in your life?  With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would put together my 10 Gifts Suggestions For Tent Making Christians. 

One word of caution as you look through this list.  If you are buying a book hoping your non-believing friend or relative will read it, you are probably going to be disappointed.  In my experience, people will generally not read a book about something they are leaving behind. The best strategy for dealing with this is for you to buy the book and read it yourself.  This will give you the tools you need to answer questions your non-believing friend or family member might have.

That word of caution aside, here are my 10 Gift Suggestions For Tent Making Christians.  I have broken the list up into sections by age group.


10 gift suggestions for Tent Making Christians

What’s God Like?–  This is a series written by Dr. William Lane Craig that communicates basic truths about the nature of God.  Titles in the series include “God is all loving”,“God is all powerful”and “God is all good”.  These books do a great job of giving small children an idea of what God is like on a level they can understand.


10 gift suggestions for Tent Making Christians

The Fallacy Detective– This is a great book on basic reasoning, and it’s written in a way that young people can grasp and interact with.  There are 38 points that help young people identify faulty thinking and logical fallacies. The book is interactive, giving challenges that allow the reader to use their new skills to identify logical fallacies in certain statements.

10 gift suggestions for Tent Making Christians

J. Warner Wallace Series-Cold Case Christianity for Kids, God’s Crime Scene for Kids and Forensic Faith for Kids.  These books are versions of the adult books of the same name. Jim and his wife Susie write and illustrate the books. All the books put the reader in the middle of a mystery they must solve.  There is even an on-line academy where the reader can go and earn their completion certificate for finishing the book and related activities.  

Young Adults:

10 gift suggestions for Tent Making Christians

Cold Case Christianity-This is one of the most engaging books on Christianity I have read. J. Warner Wallace uses example from his work as a cold case homicide detective to show how the New Testament is reliable, and Christianity is reasonable.  

10 gift suggestions for Tent Making Christians

The Screwtape Letters-  This classic by C.S. Lewis is a fictional book of letters from “Uncle Screwtape” to his young nephew Wormwood.  Wormwood is a demon in training, and his uncle Screwtape offers helpful advice on how to corrupt his new human target. The book is full of humor and is fun to read.  It also offers a deep look at the human soul and human condition.  


Fearless Prayer: Why We Don’t Ask And Why We Should.- This book on prayer by Craig Hazen take a deep look at prayer.  If you are like me, you struggle with your prayer life.  This book was a great encouragement to me and was written in an engaging style. 

Scientism and Secularism: Learning to Respond to a Dangerous Ideology.–  J.P Moreland takes a look at the dangerous ideologies of Scientism and Secularism in this new book.  He exposes the false ideas that the only things we can know we know from science and looks at how secularism is hurting our culture and society. 

 Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions: This classic by Greg Koukl has just been updated with 40% of new material!  Greg offers you a plan for sharing your Christian convictions with other using carefully selected questions to gain information about your conversation partner, and where they stand on spiritual things. He also helps you expose much of the faulty thinking that exists about religion in our society today. 

I hope this post gives you some helpful ideas for the Tent Making Christians on your list this Christmas. If you have any other recommendations to share, please comment on our discussion page and share your find!  I hope you all have a blessed Christmas this year!