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Quick Challenge Answer: Who Made God?

Who Made God is the challenge often offered to theists when they assert that that the universe must have a cause because it came into being.  This is standard Big Bang cosmology.  If, the claim goes, everything must have a cause, then what caused Who Made God?God?

Understand that science and theists are both looking for the “uncaused first cause” of the universe.  There are only two possibilities.  Either everything has always existed, or everything came into being at some point in the past.  If the universe came into being, something must have caused it. Whatever that thing is, it must be spaceless, timeless and immaterial (these are the things that were created, therefore they could not create themselves).  Whatever the cause for this is, it is by definition uncaused.

3 thoughts on “Quick Challenge Answer: Who Made God”

  1. Brian,

    You have lost me. I use absolutes where absolutes are warranted. I have never seen a theory of time that does not either begin at some point in the finite past or is eternal. If you have knowledge of a credible theory that says something is both eternal and had a beginning, I would love to explore it. And I think it is absolutely ridiculous to pigeon hole theists as being unreasonable for holding this view, when the majority of scientist hold a theory that fits into one of those two categories as well.
    What you are essentially telling me is that given time we will discover that quantum physics will prove that there are such things as married bachelors. This has nothing to do with my so called “narrow” view of science. I have a high regard for science and scientists. But when you make illogical statements like things can be both eternal and come into existence, that’s simply not science.

  2. He is saying that the universe came into existence including time requiring a cause (almost all cosmologists are in agreement to this), but that God is eternal and outside the universe and time and does not require a cause.

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