Time Well Spent

Time Well Spent.  I’ve recently taken up wet shaving with a double edge safety razor.  I had always used a cartridge razor in the past.  I read an article on shaving with a DE safety razor and decided to give it a whirl.  

Why Exactly?

The original appeal was to save money on razor blades.  While I was happy with the results of my cartridge razor, I dreaded having to spend the money on the replacement blades.  Coughing over $20 at a time for razor blades always seemed excessive.  Factor in that I shave my head as well as my face, and I was going through blades at a pretty good clip.

In the few weeks I have been shaving with this system, I’ve found a whole new world of shave products. Shave soaps, creams, oils, face balms, aftershave and alum bars just to name a few.  I’ve even discovered a cologne my wife and I can finally agree on! Bye-bye savings.

Enjoying The Process

My shaving routine is taking longer than it used to.  I am now going through the process of lathering up using a shave brush and doing 3 passes on my face instead of one.  While this takes more time and effort, I’m getting a better shave and less irritation. It’s time well spent.  

I’d never given much thought to shaving.  It was always a chore that needed to get done as quickly as possible to get on to other things.  But now that I think of it, the time I was saving wasn’t always put to good use.  I may have been saving time, but I was missing out on a superior experience.  This has led me to think about how I approach my Christian life.

Turning Pages vs. Reading and Enjoying

I used to be obsessed with how many books I could mow through.  I would keep track of how many pages I had turned each day and set goals by number of pages read.  The goal shifted away from actually learning about what I was studying, to just finishing the book and moving on to the next one.  I was missing out on something, and I didn’t even realize it.

Much as with my new found love of shaving, I’ve re-evaluated how I study and learn about God.  I no longer set goals that require a certain amount of reading.  If I am enjoying a certain passage or subject, I’ll stay with it.  I don’t feel pressure to move on.  Turning pages isn’t a priority.  Enjoying and absorbing what I’m studying now is.

Time Well Spent

This may be a result of getting older.  I’ve begun enjoying the process of things. Rushing from one project to another is no longer as appealing as it used to be.  Accomplishing multiple tasks in rapid succession isn’t a goal anymore.  I enjoy being in the moment.  I feel like this keeps me more focused on the task at hand. By extension, the quality of what I do is discernable.    

A Change In Perception

I’ve carried this discipline over to my spiritual life.  Ritualistic reading of devotionals has been replaced by steady Bible reading.  I don’t just read the daily verses in my one-year plan. Sometimes I go further. Other times I linger over one of the readings and never move on.  If I fall behind, its ok.  I am drinking deeper than if I simply plowed ahead without taking the time understand the verses.  

Time Well Spent

While I may have been absorbing more material in the past, it wasn’t as satisfying.  I’ve been getting a better shave by investing in and enjoying the experience.  I’m also growing deeper in my relationship with God by slowing down and enjoying the experience.

Is there something that you used to do quickly just to get out of the way that you now enjoy doing at a more leisurely pace?  Are you a page turner, or do you enjoy working your way through a book slowly and savoring the experience? 

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