Quick Challenge Answer: You Can Only Know Things By Science

This week’s quick challenge question was: You can only know things by science.  How can you believe in something that can’t be proved scientifically? Answer:   This is what is know as a self defeating statement.  In other words, the claim that is being made can’t even live up to its own standard.  The claim Continue Reading

Who Are You Thankful To?

Thanksgiving is just a few days away for us here in the United States.  I‘d like to tell you how thankful I am for all of you that follow the blog and podcast. And thank you for the warm reception my work has received. I have been truly blessed by this experience! Thanksgiving has always Continue Reading

The Tent Making Christianity Podcast: Who Are You Thankful To?

In this episode, Drew asks the question “Who are you thankful to?” this Thanksgiving. He also answers this weeks Quick Challenge Question “We can only know things by science”. Link Mentioned in the Show: William Lane Craig vs. Peter Atkins-  Do you deny that science can explain everything? Listen to our Weekly Podcast on iTunes, Continue Reading

The Logical And Probability Problems Of Evil

In earlier posts I described the problem of evil and also explained what evil is.  Evil isn’t a thing per say, it’s the absence of good. There can be no evil without an ultimate source of good that sets the standard. In this post we will discuss what is known as the logical problem of evil. Before Continue Reading

What Is Evil?

In my last blog post, I began to discuss the problem of evil.  Evil has affected everyone to varying degrees in their lives. But as we get started on this series, we need to first clarify exactly what it is we are talking about. What exactly is evil? When someone offers me the objection that God Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Question: We Can Only Know Things Through Science

This week’s quick challenge question is: You can only know things by science.  How can you believe in something that can’t be proved scientifically?  Post your answers in the comment section, and I will give my response to the question on the podcast next Tuesday, and will publish my written response on Thursday of next Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: You Are Only A Christian Because You Were Born In America

Last week’s quick challenge question was: “You were born in America, so of course you are a Christian. If you had been born in India, you would have been a Hindu or Muslim. You’re only a Christian because of where you were born”. This question commits what is known as a genetic fallacy.  It attempts Continue Reading

An Introduction To The Problem Of Evil

In an earlier post, I referenced a recent Barna study that found that the number of professing atheists among Gen Zer’s was almost double that of previous generations.  The study also found that the number one reason that this age group was turning away from God was because they could not reconcile the notion of Continue Reading

The TMC Podcast Episode 103

In this episode, Drew reads an email from a listener and answers his questions. We also reveal the answer to this weeks quick challenge question. Find us on iTunes, Google Play Music or Stitcher.  Don’t see your podcast listening platform?  Email us and we will add them to our distribution list.  You can also listen directly from Continue Reading

Was Jesus Just a Myth?

As I mentioned in my podcast earlier this week, one of the first things to make me seriously consider Christianity was the discovery that Jesus actually existed in history. This came as a complete shock to me. I had always assumed that Jesus was a myth just like Zeus, Apollo, Osiris, Mithras and a host Continue Reading