I just believe in one less god than you

This week’s quick challenge question was: You are an atheist when it comes to all other gods.  We simply go one god further, and don’t believe in your God either.”

This is another question that has great rhetorical flourish but is lacking in substance.  Yes, we do not believe in other gods.  But are all gods equal? This objection assumes that the Christian has done no research on other gods.  Deities like Zeus, Apollo and Horus differ greatly from the God of the Bible.  These gods were all created and existed within the universe.  They are clearly legend.

The God of the Bible is meant to be understood differently. God is outside of space, time and matter. Jesus actually existed in history. We have good reason to believe that the God described in the pages of the Old and New Testaments actually exists. 

And while it may seem that it’s just a small step to believe in one less god, it is actually quite a big step when you stop and think about it.  At Greg Koukl from Stand To Reason points out, it’s like the difference between being a bachelor and a married person. A bachelor could say that you are a bachelor where all other women are concerned and they just go one wife less. But that understates the dramatic difference between being married and not married.  Just as there is monumental difference in being single and being married, there is a difference between theism and atheism.  

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