Christian Tent Makers Basic Training

On our latest Podcast, David and I discussed several resources for students that want to be better equipped to understand and defend their Christian convictions. In future podcasts, we will give some resources for parents and grandparents as well. Want some practical first steps to better understand and defend your Christian convictions? Here is a Christian Tent Makers Basic Training list to get you started.


Stand to Reason- Hosted by Greg Koukl, this one-hour call in style format show answers listener’s questions on a variety of topics.  Greg has a knack for making even complicated issues accessible to a lay audience.

Cold Case Christianity- Hosted by former cold case detective J. Warner Wallace, this half hour podcast deals with common objections to the Christian worldview. Jim weaves stories from his law enforcement background into his teaching, making the material more enjoyable to listen to.

Cross Examined-Hosted by Dr. Frank Turek, this half hour show deals with many cultural issues facing Christians, as well as general defense of the Christian faith.  Frank has a bit of a New York edge that gives him a unique voice in the case making community.

The BriefingHosted by Dr. Albert Mohler, this 15-20-minute daily podcast examines news and events from a Christian worldview.

Tent Making Christianity– Of course we are going to recommend our own podcast! Drew and David Discuss a wide variety of topics to help you better understand and defend your Christian convictions.


Cold Case Christianity- Much of what Jim covers in his podcasts is laid out in more detail in his blogs, which are released 3 times a week.

Stand to Reason-The entire team contributes to the blog page at Stand to reason, and they all do a great Job. Amy Hall is particularly good, and I try to read her articles when they are posted.

Come ReasonLenny Esposito has a huge archive of articles on many subjects.  His writing style is engaging and easily digestible.   

Entry Level Books (All of these are available in Audio format as well):

Tactics: This is one of the best books you will ever read.  It will help you in conversations not only about your Christian convictions, but in every aspect of your engagements with people that may not share your world view. This book is more about strategy than learning facts about Christianity.

Christian Tent Makers Basic Training

Cold Case Christianity- One of the best books I have read on making the case for the reliability of the Bible.  Jim was an atheist that, through his investigation of the Gospels as historical eyewitness statements, became a believer.  Jim weaves stories from his days as a homicide detective into the book. Doing this gives life to material that some would not otherwise read. The subject matter is crucial to defending the Bible. (At the time publication, all of J. Warner Wallace’s books are available in Kindle editions for $1.99-$2.99)

Next Steps in Books (All of these are available in Audio format as well):

I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist-  Dr. Norman Geisler and Frank Turek’s book is the standard for defending Christianity. Covering more ground than Cold Case Christianity, this book lays out a cumulative case for the existence of God, and the problems with philosophical naturalism.

Mere Christianity- It’s hard to make a list of Christian books without mentioning one by C.S. Lewis.  Lewis’ writing style is warm and inviting.  He was one of the best Christian thinkers of the 20thcentury, and this book is one of his masterpieces. A must own for any thinking Christian.

 This is but a short list of resources.  There are many more in each category that could be mentioned.  If you are looking for other resources, or something on a particular topic or objection, feel free to email myself or David. We will be happy to point you in the right direction! Thanks for reading!

Have a book, blog or podcast you would recommend in this area? Let us know what it is on our discussion page here.