The Tent Making Christianity Podcast #127, Greg Koukl’s “Tactics In Defending The Faith” Part 1

In this episode of the Tent Making Christianity Podcast, Drew and David discuss Greg Koukl’s “Tactics In Defending The Faith” Part 1. Links Mentioned In The Show: Tactics In Defending The Faith– By Gregory Koukl Tactics Video Curriculum Listen to our Weekly Podcast on iTunes, Google Play Music or Stitcher.  Look for new Episodes every Tuesday. Don’t see Continue Reading

5 Reasons Why You Should Be A Tent Making Christian

Since I started the website, blog and podcast, several of you have asked me why I’m doing this.  What is it that motivates me to put so much time and effort into creating this content? There are several reasons, but when I stop and think about it, they really fall into 5 categories.  Listed below Continue Reading

The New Testament Authors Were Correct In The Names They Used.

As Tent Making Christians, we are often put in situations where we are forced to defend Scripture against critics.  We are seen as backwards thinking because we hold the Bible up as the Word of God.  How can you believe this is true? Don’t you know that the Bible is just a bunch of made up stories?  Christians Continue Reading

3 Tips For Being A Better Tent Making Christian

I started Tent Making Christianity with a specific purpose in mind.  My goal was to help average, everyday Christians to better understand and defend their Christian convictions.  Many of you are like me in this respect.  You want to be a better ambassador for Christ.  I am always looking for ways to help people be better Tent Making Christians. Continue Reading

Christian Tent Makers Basic Training

On our latest Podcast, David and I discussed several resources for students that want to be better equipped to understand and defend their Christian convictions. In future podcasts, we will give some resources for parents and grandparents as well. Want some practical first steps to better understand and defend your Christian convictions? Here is a Continue Reading

Merry Christmas From Tent Making Christianity!

Christmas 2018 Hello, and Merry Christmas from everyone at Tent Making Christianity!  I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank each and every one of you that has read our blogs, listened to our podcasts and commented on our Facebook page over the last two months.  I could never have anticipated the warm welcome this Continue Reading

10 Gift Suggestions For Tent Making Christians

Need a gift for the Tent Making Christian in your life?  With Christmas fast approaching, I thought I would put together my 10 Gifts Suggestions For Tent Making Christians.  One word of caution as you look through this list.  If you are buying a book hoping your non-believing friend or relative will read it, you are Continue Reading

The Cultural Myth Called Moral Relativism

In my last post I wrote about what’s known as a “Cultural Myth”.  These are ideas that cultures hold without really thinking about them. The myth I’m going to discuss in this post is called moral relativism.  This is the prevailing world view in America today.  Almost everyone holds this view.  Moral Relativism states that all morals are products of one’s environment, upbringing, culture or Continue Reading

What is a Tent Making Christian?

I’ve been talking a lot about being a Tent Making Christian.  But what is a Tent Making Christian?  Let me explain. Who Was The First Tent Making Christian? The phrase is referring to the Apostle Paul. Paul was a tentmaker by trade, as described in Acts 18:1-3: After this Paul left Athens and went to Continue Reading