Quick Challenge Answer: Is Slavery Condoned In the Bible?

The first thing we need to note when dealing with this objection is that we in the west have an image of what slavery is.  That image is the race based, antebellum slavery that existed in this country.  In this system, slaves were not seen as human beings. They were property to be used as their owner saw Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Where Is God Durning School Shootings?

This week’s quick challenge answer is to the question: Where is God in school shootings?  We have addressed different forms of the problem of evil in previous blog posts and podcasts.  This particular form of evil seems to hit us on a more personal level however. We’d all like to think that if one of us were Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: What About Other Dying And Rising Gods?

One common objection to Christianity is that prior to Jesus, there were many dying and rising gods. These gods supposedly are strikingly similar to the story of Jesus as presented in the New Testament.  Gods such as Mithras, Osiris and Zeus are all posited as having virtually the same origin story as Jesus, only much earlier in Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Don’t Different Denominations Prove Christianity Is False?

This weeks Quick Challenge Question is, Don’t different denominations prove Christianity is false?   Different denominations may hold various views on different non-essentials. Differences like style of worship, how the Church should be run and what day to meet are all open for debate. But in the essentials, they for the most part agree. There is Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Why Doesn’t God Heal Amputees?

This week’s quick challenge answer is to the question “Why Doesn’t God Heal Amputees”? The first question I would pose to someone that raises this objection is “How do you know God doesn’t heal amputees?” It’s not at all clear to me that this is the case. Think about it for just a minute.  To make Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Are Christians Hypocrites?

This week’s quick challenge question is, Are Christians Hypocrites?   In a sense, yes, we are. We promote a morality that we know we are unable to keep ourselves.  But this shouldn’t surprise us.  We are told right away in the Bible that men are no longer capable of keeping God’s moral laws.  God demands moral perfection from us, an Continue Reading