Quick Challenge Answer: Religion Has Caused More War Than Anything Else

Our Quick Challenge question for last week was: “Religion has been the cause of more wars than anything else in history.  We need to do away with religion to stop all the wars that follow from it.” Answer: This statement is factually incorrect. Religion is actually the cause of a very few wars. Charles Phillips and Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: You Can Only Know Things By Science

This week’s quick challenge question was: You can only know things by science.  How can you believe in something that can’t be proved scientifically? Answer:   This is what is know as a self defeating statement.  In other words, the claim that is being made can’t even live up to its own standard.  The claim Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: You Are Only A Christian Because You Were Born In America

Last week’s quick challenge question was: “You were born in America, so of course you are a Christian. If you had been born in India, you would have been a Hindu or Muslim. You’re only a Christian because of where you were born”. This question commits what is known as a genetic fallacy.  It attempts Continue Reading