Quick Challenge Answer: Are Christians Anti-Science?

Are Christians anti-science?  This is a common objection to Christianity.  The perception is that Christians will hide behind the Bible and refuse to acknowledge that science has proved that belief in God is unwarranted.   As we say so often here at TMC, this attitude can be true of certain Christians.  It would be foolish to argue the point.  Rather Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Is God a Narcissist?

I recently had this question posed to me in a conversation. Christians believe in a God who wants to be worshiped. To most modern ears, that sounds arrogant, narcissistic, and even a little scary. What could be more self-absorbed than demanding worship? How are we supposed to think about and answer this? Is God a Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Was Hitler a Christian?

Quick Challenge Answer: Did Darwin Have A Death Bed Conversion?

Did Charles Darwin have a death bed conversion?  There is a common internet myth that states that on his death bed, Charles Darwin renounced his theory of evolution and affirmed faith in Jesus.  Many well-meaning Christians have repeated this story with the thought that “Even Darwin knew his theory was wrong”.  But did this event actually happen?  Did Darwin Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Why Is Jesus The Only Way To Heaven?

Why is Jesus the only way to heaven?  Christians are often dismissed as intolerant or bigoted for claiming that there is only one way to enter heaven.  After all, isn’t It arrogant to assume that only your interpretation of God is the right one?  The reason Christians believe that Jesus is the only way to heaven is Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Has Evolution Buried God?

Many of the heated “Science Vs. Faith” debates of the last century stem from a controversy of evolution vs creation. But many skeptics take it a step further than, “evolution is true, and creation is just myth.”

Quick Challenge Answer: What Is A Cult?

What is a cult?  In our latest podcast, David and I discuss an experience a friend of mine had while out riding a few weeks ago.  He and his friend stopped to rest and saw an illuminated cross on a hill above them.  They overheard angry chanting and were ultimately chased off.   As he was relaying the story to Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Support the Death Penalty?

Quick Challenge Answer: Why Did God Create A System He Knew We Couldn’t Keep?

Perfection.  That’s the standard for getting into heaven.  If we’re honest with ourselves, we know that as good as we might think we are, we don’t meet a perfect standard.  This is a problem.  It’s bad news.  How could God do this?  Why did God create a system He knew we couldn’t keep? Why A Standard Of Perfection? God’s standard is Continue Reading

Quick Challenge Answer: Did God Change from the Old Testament to the New Testament?