Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

Quick Challenge Answer: Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?  It seems every year Christians ask this question.  Doesn’t the holiday have pagan roots?  Are we promoting witchcraft and devil worship if we allow our kids to go trick-or-treating?  Navigating this holiday can be tricky.  We want to remain God honoring in our celebrations.  But where is that line exactly? Where Did Halloween Come Continue Reading

What Can Halloween Teach Us?

What can Halloween teach us?  If you ask people “What’s your favorite Halloween Memory?”, you’re going to get a varity of answers.  Some will reflect on their favorite costume they wore as a child.  Others will remember time with their famlies or parties with friends.  I share in all of these types of Halloween memories.  But none of them are Continue Reading

It’s Halloween. Should We Be Afraid?

Merry Christmas From Tent Making Christianity!

Christmas 2018 Hello, and Merry Christmas from everyone at Tent Making Christianity!  I just wanted to take a few minutes and thank each and every one of you that has read our blogs, listened to our podcasts and commented on our Facebook page over the last two months.  I could never have anticipated the warm welcome this Continue Reading

Who Are You Thankful To?

Thanksgiving is just a few days away for us here in the United States.  I‘d like to tell you how thankful I am for all of you that follow the blog and podcast. And thank you for the warm reception my work has received. I have been truly blessed by this experience! Thanksgiving has always Continue Reading